About The Gym

What makes Crucible CrossFit different?

Crucible (cru·ci·ble) 1: a place or situation in which concentrated forces interact to cause or influence change or development; 2: a melting pot used for extremely hot chemical reactions; 3: a severe test or challenging experience.

Crucible CrossFit was established in 2009 by its original owner. In 2012, Lance Scott and Colleen Lehane took over management and programming, until final purchase in September 2013. Since 2013, Crucible has grown to over 150 members, serving a broad population from beginner exercisers to CrossFit Games competitors, and everyone between. By fully immersing themselves into Crucible, as head coaches and community members, Lance and Colleen have established a permanent footprint in Jacksonville and the CrossFit community.

At Crucible we aim to teach from the foundations CrossFit has laid out for us. Aiming to develop basic mechanics in movement with emphasis on consistency, in order to develop intensity for each level of athlete.

With degrees in the Exercise Science field, and years of experience in the health and fitness industry, our coaches are equipped to work with all clientele. For beginner or injured athletes we provide modification to movements, and scale based on the needs of each member. Crucible also provides a place for athlete development in strength, conditioning, power, and speed that can carry over to competitive CrossFit and sports, both elite and recreational, as well as OCR, running, and other endurance focused racing.

We have expanded outside just CrossFit adding multiple fitness options including yoga, conditioning, Pr4m (non barbell CrossFit option), CrossFit kids and Nutrition Coaching.

It is our goal at Crucible to be a place all can feel welcome no matter what time of day you walk through our doors, a place to learn and grow in health, wellness and fitness.

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